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Bonnibel Hemings, 2018

She is lighter than hydrogen, subject to stray
If you do not hold tight, then she might float away
And, like a balloon, or a windblown bouquet,
She’s helium, walks with a ponderous sway

You could cut through her lithium heart with a spoon
But she glimmers and steels in the light of the moon
She’s beryllium, wrapped in an emerald cocoon
Lined with aquamarine like a cool cyan tomb

She glows gentle green with a boronic flare
Reflecting from her with a powerful glare
For she has shards of diamonds woven through her hair
From the carbon her sinuous locks would ensnare

Her nitrogen kiss leaves you gasping for breath
It stifles your screams like the cold hands of death
And carries the oxygen out of your breast
And sucks out your voice until nothing is left

Like fluorine, she’s quick to combust and excite
The smallest of sparks could make her ignite
And each time she laughs, she’ll discharge neon light
As her colors convene in a stream of bright white

She’s the sodium churned in the cool ocean tide
Plunging deeper below in a treacherous dive
The magnesium feeds and the flame amplifies
But no wave can subdue the inferno inside

She’s crisp as aluminium, brittle and frail
As sly as a secret, covert as a veil
She’s shrouded and shadowed, but sharp as a nail
She’s stiffer than silicon, rigid and pale

A waxy white phosphorus faint afterglow
Peeks out through her eyes and continues to grow
Until it erupts in a magma outflow
And shimmering sulfur rains from her like snow

She whispers with chlorine that burns in your throat
Melodiously humming each poisonous note
And sleepily lurching with each violent choke
As sluggish as argon, but noxious as smoke

Her potassium cheeks have a bright lilac blush
That soften your soul like the song of a thrush
And make you so fragile, that just with a brush
Like a calcium seashell, your heart she would crush

Striking down on her prey with a scandium smack
And preparing to dispatch her final attack
Her titanium spirit can not be held back
She’s a barrage of pressure, a loose lightning crack

Her vanadium irises shimmer steel blue
Crying crystalline teardrops of gleaming spring dew
That get caught in her lashes, refracting the hue
Of her chromium corneas, blooming like rue

Her manganese toxins latch onto your brain
As their echoey undertones drive you insane
Her embrace is a tether of firm iron chains
That muddy the line between pleasure and pain

Magnetic as cobalt, she’s drawing you near
She giggles like windchimes, though it would appear
Her flirtatious persona is but a veneer
That’s hiding a devilish, nickel-green sneer

She’s shiny as copper but murky as ink
Leaves you stranded and starving on agony’s brink
She stains all your insides, corrodes them like zinc
Locks them up in the cupboard that’s under the sink

Her voice flows like gallium, melts as she speaks
When she keeps her mouth open, it boils and leaks
She runs like a river, she cries like a creek
And germanium static pops bright on her cheeks

An arsenic princess, she floods you with doubt
Envenoms you slowly, and casts you about
Her selenium lips taste like blood in your mouth
She’s sharp as a razor and dry as a drought

The sharp stench of bromine is hard to conceal
It’s the smell of her skin as it rots and it peels
She’s ghostly as krypton, she hardly seems real
She feels like she’s dying, she’s dying to feel

She explodes in a flash of rubidium red
She shines like a candle, unravels like thread
She dances like fireworks over your head
A stray strontium streak left behind in her stead

As mystic as yttrium, dark as the dawn
By the time you can reach her, she’s already gone
She’s zirconium, packed in a tight hexagon
And wearily wrapped in a ribbony yawn

She’s as vain as niobium, shallow as mist
You’re not even sure if she knows you exist
Her pride is a heavy molybdenum fist
That channels her hubris and never desists

She’s a radioactive technetium beam
That gashes your roots, rushes in like a stream
You watch her veins blacken and burst at the seams
And bleed with an ashen ruthenium gleam

Her rhodium gaze leaves you manic and blind
You stumble and stagger and waver and wind
Her paladium pressure repels you behind
But as long as you’re near her, you really don’t mind

She waltzes and whirls in a silvery spin
She’s free as a comet, with light in her skin
She’s painting the sky with a cadmium grin
A smashing of color, a shrill violin

Her indium shrieks pierce you down to the core
They ring from the basement, they creak in the floor
She’s the ghost in the closet, the wind in the door
She’s an empty tin can, left to rust in a drawer

Antimony lurks in her gunpowder smile
It’s lovely to look at, but hides something vile
She’s foul as tellurium, vulgar as bile
Yet still she enchants with her grace and her guile

Her iodine numbs you when given the chance
Its dull violet vapors swirl, coil, and prance
Her xenon sedates you, lulled into a trance
Of familiar horror, of lethal romance

Unstable as caesium, fragile as glass
She’s a broken blue bottle beneath the bypass
She’s hefty and scorching with barium gas
She shatters herself with her own crushing mass

She stomps out her pain with a hafnium boot
Yanking out her emotions, like weeds, at the root
But slaughtering thoughts is a worthless pursuit
As futile and distant as tantalum fruit

She’s a brave tungsten warrior, wolfskin in hand
She bathes in the brook and she feeds on the land
She’s tougher than rhenium, solid and grand
The woods are her kingdom, they’re at her command

Her osmium tears flood from fountain pen eyes
Her body dissolves as her vessels capsize
She’s a luminous cluster of white butterflies
An iridium asteroid that shoots through the skies

She’s slick, polished platinum, lustrous and bold
She’s sweeter than candy, but pungent as mold
She’s fetching and devious, dripping in gold
A striking, sensational sight to behold

A mercury drizzle gets caught in her crown
It coats her in sterling and wrenches her down
It flakes off in layers, a thallium gown
That ripples sea green as she spirals around

She speaks with a strain from the lead in her tongue
Her words are unwieldy, they swell in her lungs
She bubbles like bismuth, she tangles like gum
Congested with hymns that will never be sung

Her polonium rampage kills all in her path
She’s a walking disaster, an endless bloodbath
She levels the earth with her astatine wrath
And lies all alone in the void aftermath

She’s cancerous radon that gnaws at your bones
The rare type of imposter that cannot be cloned
A francium demon, she’s colder than stone
Despite how tight you hold her, you still feel alone

A radium blast drags her down with its weight
Her isotopes crumble, her bonds separate
She closes her eyes and embraces her fate
You loved her so much, but you loved her too late.